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Changes in online content & its creation

Changes in online content & its creation

For the last ten years we have been talking of the 90:9:1 rule of content creation on the internet. This rule might be undergoing some serious changes, without us giving it any serious thought. Not just the rule, this whole business of content creation is heading for some troubled times. According to this 90:9:1 rule,...

Mobile Apps: Thoughts on usage patterns, product design, and monetization

Thoughts on usage patterns of various types of features (in a multi-purpose app) or apps in general, which impacts the product design, and the monetization model as well. Read more!

How & why build a Friend Suggestions Engine

Social Networks are like a party. Users will enjoy logging in daily only if his/her friends are already in the social network. So try and connect your user to as many of his/her real world friends as possible. And do it asap!

Fundamentals of a Social Game

It is a pity really, that we think social games are a new concept. Little do we know that Social Games have been there ever since man learned to communicate & create rules. Respecting the interest that the ‘social network games’ have aroused among people into the concept called social games…lets see what are the...