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How the mobile phone killed Kodak

Kodak filing for bankruptcy is huge news. The shock visible on my face as I read the news was what the Kodak Marketing guy had been calling the ‘Kodak Moment’ for ages. Read on to know why I think the Mobile Phone killed Kodak!

Why Nokia will beat iOS and Android in two years

I strongly believe that two years down the line, Nokia will still be the most popular handset brand. Their partnership will work because Nokia is fighting to delay death….while Microsoft is trying to live the mobile life but needs a partner who can deliver compelling mobile handsets. In short, they both need each other.

Android – Selected by omission

Today we are all looking at Android as the next big thing on mobile not because of its merits, but because all the other platforms barring iPhone aren't geared up for the future. And iPhone is way too costly to be the underdog!