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Linkedin will shut out all old-world job sites

Linkedin will shut out all old-world job sites

Today, if I were asked to become the CEO of any jobs site, I would refuse the offer. It is a bad time to be one. Those that are already on the job, will be looking for a way out – the old-world job site business, the business of resume arbitrage is all but over....

Comment on Google Search, plus your world

I have tried Google's second attempt at Social Search and I ended up saying..."Gosh Google...this isn't my World that you are showing me. You can definitely do better!"

Biggest ecosystems on internet & mobile

Skype – 560 million Facebook – 500 Million Hotmail – 360 Million Yahoo Mail – 280 Million Gmail – 270 Million My Space – 125 Million Friendster – 115 Million Twitter – 115 Million Linkedin – 60 Million *At the end of 2007, Skype had 276m registered users. So it has taken Skype three years...