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Thanks to Google, SuperHumans will have smaller heads

Thanks to Google, SuperHumans will have smaller heads

Technological leaps in search technology (data retrieval), the various ways in which we retrieve data thro’ various means such as Mobile, tablets, PC … now even watches….and the deeper and deeper integration of this data (‘Google Now’ showing me my next day’s flight details and Bangalore’s weather just because I have an e-ticket to Bangalore...

Comment on Google Search, plus your world

I have tried Google's second attempt at Social Search and I ended up saying..."Gosh Google...this isn't my World that you are showing me. You can definitely do better!"

Android – Selected by omission

Today we are all looking at Android as the next big thing on mobile not because of its merits, but because all the other platforms barring iPhone aren't geared up for the future. And iPhone is way too costly to be the underdog!

Group Messaging app makes sense for Google & Facebook

Now Google gets into the already crowded group messaging business with Disco. And as recently as March 1, 2011 Facebook acquired the Group Messaging service Bleuga. The other players already raking it in, in the group messaging domain are: GroupMe, Kik, TextPlus, and Fast Society. But if Facebook & Google are getting into it, there...

How many domain names are available?

Did you know that every hour 5000 domain names are being registered all over the World? This translates to 120,000 domain names every day. No wonder, today there are a total of 200 Million domain names – some squatted on, some 4-5 page websites and some extensive but failed attempts at making a world class...