• Skype – 560 million
  • Facebook – 500 Million
  • Hotmail – 360 Million
  • Yahoo Mail – 280 Million
  • Gmail – 270 Million
  • My Space – 125 Million
  • Friendster – 115 Million
  • Twitter – 115 Million
  • Linkedin – 60 Million
  • *At the end of 2007, Skype had 276m registered users. So it has taken Skype three years to double its userbase

    **At the end of 2007, Facebook on the other hand had only 45 Million. Now you know who is overtaking whom

    Compare these numbers with the total Mobile ecosystem of 4.5 billion worldwide and the total internet ecosystem Worldwide of 1.5 billion users.
    You probably asking is it possible for 6.6 billion population to have 4.5 billion mobiles, especially since half the population lives poorly. Well, a high mobile phone/user ratio would explain that.

    So, why aren’t folks going after the 4.5 billion mobile phone users? The Answer: The complexity involved. In internet, the standards have been set where as in mobile the operating standards are being set even as we speak….and it would be a long time before the mobile ecosystem matures and the unintentional entry barriers are removed. This definitely means that the companies that struggle now and build up momentum will flourish as the standards are set. Don’t believe me – did you know that iPhone platform has the highest number of applications built, where as it is the second-smallest platform. J2ME & Symbian being the two biggest platforms have the smallest number of applications built – reason, its difficult.

    The good news is that folks all around us have now realized the potential of these 4.5 billion mobile phone users (and the contacts in each of these mobiles) – why else would Facebook, a SNS with 500 million active userbase launch Facebook Places, just because a small start up called FourSquare has got 3 million users checking in?