Now Google gets into the already crowded group messaging business with Disco. And as recently as March 1, 2011 Facebook acquired the Group Messaging service Bleuga. The other players already raking it in, in the group messaging domain are: GroupMe, Kik, TextPlus, and Fast Society.

But if Facebook & Google are getting into it, there must be some reason. They don’t just end up buying every other start-up. Do they?

Well, here is what I think.

Social Networking in Facebook-form is a means of one-to-many communication. And soon, this form of Facebook will get boring because of two reasons – it won’t be fast paced enough for the new set of users who are getting into Facebook (because of its asynchronous nature) and the realization that I don’t care about more than 90% of my FB friends list.

To survive, the Social Networks need to reduce the time between two strands of communication between two friends & at the same time help reduce the friends list to keep the focus/interest going.

The above two concerns are handled well by Group Messaging apps – instead of a communication to all friends, the user selects the group of friends he wants to communicate with…and then within a few moments gets back the response.

Google’s launch of Disco only proves that it has as much interest in conjuring up its social network, as Facebook has in maintaining its numero-uno position.

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