facebook viral There are plenty of thoughts on how to create a viral video or a campaign- it has to be controversial, funny, unique, spectacular, emotional – the adjectives are endless.

Besides that, what? What are the other elements that go into deciding an unprecedented viral? There lots of other items that need to be just the right amount if your video, webpage or campaign has to go viral.

The presentation you are going to see stands out from rest of the tips on virality because it comes from the guys who run www.upworthy.com. Why is upworthy.com special? Two things – upworthy.com was concieved as a platform for virals and thats how its running now, and second this is how (see below) their growth looks like in a short span of time – it is questionable if they can maintain this growth but hats off for what they have achieved so far.

Here is their growth:

upworthy's growth

Now, for the presentation on how to create a viral video/campaign on youtube or Facebook. This is so well documented that you can actually come up with your own viral campaign: