Monthly archive July, 2011

Android – Selected by omission

Today we are all looking at Android as the next big thing on mobile not because of its merits, but because all the other platforms barring iPhone aren't geared up for the future. And iPhone is way too costly to be the underdog!

Group Deal Sites are pure fiction. Or are they?

One of the best written fiction in recent times has been Groupon’s valuation at 20 Billion. For a site that spends upwards of $30 dollars to acquire each customer, that’s a lot of valuation. Does this mean that group deals are a losing cause? Maybe. Here is what I think. The kind of products or...

Rising to the Level of Incompetence

In the 13 years I have been with corporates I have realized that unknowingly every corporate ends up making every talented individual incompetent in his/her role. Here is my theory: Corporate identify talented individuals & award them more responsibilities to raise their role within the organization till the individual reaches a stage where he/she is...