Today my daughter won a bronze medal at a Karate tournament. She had gotten into Karate eight months back. As I watched her get the medal, it occurred to me that ‘Gamification’ has been around us for a long time now – at least for 100 years.

karate iconFor long now, I have wanted to kill anybody who has spoken to me about gamification….so I will keep this short.

Two months back, my daughter said she was no longer interested in karate and wanted to discontinue. We told her to finish the month (since we had already paid the fee)…as luck would have it, within the month she got her orange belt. Bingo….she was interested in the karate again and didn’t want to discontinue anymore.

Since winning a bronze yesterday, she now wants to go for the next belt – blue – and says she is in it for the long haul. I am sure, the closer to the blue belt she gets the less interested she will be in Karate….but isn’t that the cycle that we call gamification?