Consider Augmented Reality to be that technology that allows you to view the real world through a device (mobile for instance) and add layers of information/action only digitally available.

In effect, augmenting or improving the real-life experience.

For some its also an extension of intensions & increased chances of discovery.

Here is an example of the information layer….if you are looking at a castle thro’ your mobile and you get a layer of information which says who built it, for whom, and when and how much it cost….would you complain? Maybe, also says what are the other monuments the same guy has built.

And here is an example of a action layer…let us say thro’ your mobile you are looking at both your feet and the augmented reality improves your experience by placing a soccer ball in between your feet which you can kick. Just that when you remove your mobile and look at your feet directly….there is no ball. Sexy, isn’t it?

Now, take a look at this video.