Akismet Plugin

Apparently, 86% of all comments left on blogs are SPAM. This means, if you get ten comments on your blog in a day…at least eight of them are going to be SPAM. So, go for Akismet – the ultimate SPAM filter. Till now, Akismet has helped me stop 333,000 SPAM comments on Ouchmytoe.com.

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All in One SEO Pack Plugin

A blog is a no-go if it isn’t optimized for search engines. Especially, if your earnings are dependent on your blog. This easy to use All in One SEO Pack helps you give Page Titles, Page Descriptions and Page Keywords for each of your individual blog posts. The best SEO plugin available till date.

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Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Agreed that Google uses your content to display its advertisements on its search result pages…but it also drives traffic to you. So, try and become as Google (and other search engine) friendly as possible. Google XML Sitemaps plugin helps you get your blog posts get indexed in the search engines quickly.

Download Google XML Sitemaps Plugin | Google XML Sitemaps Plugin FAQs

WordPress Database Backup Plugin

It is always better to be safe than sorry. If your system can crash, so can your blogging platform. WordPress Database Backup plugin creates backups of your WordPress tables and other tables that you might want the back ups of. You can download the back up to your system or get it mailed at regular intervals to a mail ID as well.

Download WordPress Database Backup Plugin | WordPress Database Backup Plugin FAQs

WordPress Global Translator Plugin

Global Translator is a free WordPress Plugin that can translate your blog in the following different languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Dutch. Not much use if yours is a Humor blog…because humor can get lost in translation. But if you are a technology blog, which cuts across languages (and countries) this is a great plugin to have on your blog.

Download WordPress Global Translator Plugin | WordPress Global Translator Plugin FAQs

Show Top Commentators Plugin

To keep your readers/commentators happy, you need to reward them. What better way to give them the title ‘Top Commentators’. If yours is a blog where a lot of interaction happens, Show Top Commentators plugin is a good choice. The top commentators are not just rewarded with a display on your sidebar (and the number of comments they have made) but also a link back to their website.

Download Show Top Commentators Plugin | Show Top Commentators Plugin FAQs

Related Posts Plugin

If you get a lot of traffic from search engines, this is an excellent plugin to have. This plugin finds related blog posts based on keywords and thus displays a set number of related posts at the end of each post. Believe me once you use this plugin…the time spent per reader on your site will only increase.

Download Related Posts Plugin | Related Posts Plugin FAQs

Adsense Deluxe Plugin

If like me, you also use Google Adsense on your blog, install this plugin asap. The Adsense Deluxe plugin allows you to automatically insert Google Adsense code inside your posts with ease. Try it to believe it.

Download Adsense Deluxe Plugin | Adsense Deluxe Plugin FAQs

WP-Print Plugin

Many a times, our readers don’t have the time to be online and read our posts. Sometimes they want to share it with a person who is not likely to click on a url and visit the page to read. For such scenarios, it helps if you have the WP-Print Plugin installed. It allows easy print facility for each of your blog post. In short, this plugin helps your reader take your blog post offline.

Download WP-Print Plugin | WP-Print Plugin FAQs

Tell a Friend Plugin

If you want your blog to become popular, you need to make it easy for your readers to share your content. This Tell a Friend Plugin does just that. It adds a ‘Share This Post’ button after (or before!) each post…thus adding virality to your blog.

Download Tell a Friend Plugin | Tell a Friend Plugin Faqs

Know of any other useful plugin, that I missed out on?