Let me explain the headline first…you need a new set of marketers if you have to succeed in future. Ironically, the marketing guys we need should be – New, Improved, & Free. Exactly the same set of values that the marketing guys from the past have been marketing to us with.

cheap signsI have never been a great believer in the vagueness that’s called marketing. I would always hide my smirk when a marketer would talk of ‘brand value’ or ‘mind share’ or ‘brand equity’. One could blame it on the fact that I have worked mostly with Internet companies, which never really had money to build brand the traditional way…and more importantly which had other non-traditional means at its disposal to grow.

Marketing is now moving towards what’s measurable…far away from the vagueness that surrounds current marketing.

Know what is common to Twitter, Instagram, and AirBnB? They have never spent any marketing money but are bigger than most of the brands that have been spending marketing money. Proof that traditional marketing – that is marketing by spending money is on the way out? By marketing by spending money I mean, TV ads, Billboards, and any other in-your-face advertisement.

How good is your marketing team with non-traditional marketing? Marketing thro’ mediums that are almost free and yet can be measured? If they aren’t good, get them replaced immediately.

Important: If you are in travel business you can get the MAXIMUM out of non-traditional marketing. If you don’t know how…just watch / read what brands such as American Airlines, Lufthansa, Thomson Holidays, Thomas Cook etc are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.