Technological leaps in search technology (data retrieval), the various ways in which we retrieve data thro’ various means such as Mobile, tablets, PC … now even watches….and the deeper and deeper integration of this data (‘Google Now’ showing me my next day’s flight details and Bangalore’s weather just because I have an e-ticket to Bangalore for the next day……is all making us lazy.

superhumansSo much so, we have stopped remembering things. There was a time when I would remember phone numbers, or re-read news and facts just so I could remember them. After realizing that I can Google for information whenever I want from wherever I am – all I need to know is some related keywords….I don’t try to remember anything.

Being a heavy internet user (and being a lazy guy), maybe I have adopted this approach earlier than others.

As it becomes easier to retrieve information (now more-often-than-not we pull information) and as information will get pushed to you based on what is in your inbox, whats on your social network, what time it is and where you are….we will get lazier.

The technological leaps, and the human tendency to head towards convenience will ensure implantable devices soon enough. In a connected World, this implanted device will provide you all the information (don’t be surprised if the hospital that implants this device offers you a variety of data packs to choose from). There will always be the debate of legality of an implantable device, which can connect to a source of information, at just a thought and provide you the right answers – kind of like an extended brain. Debate on legality because it will provide undue advantage to people – in exams, in offices, life in general etc. This could actually start differentiating the Haves from the Have Nots.

This extended brain will further make us lazy and our brains will be further rested. The more the brains are rested the less useful they will become – and then eventually, we will stop thinking for ourselves and rely on this implant. There – Men overtaken by the Machines. And women too.

Who would have started it all – Google, in some way…starting with a motto of “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

This will also mean the fall of one more belief – that the SuperHumans of the future will use so much brain that they will have a huge head. In fact, it will be exactly the reverse…not using the brain will result in its shrinking, and making the head smaller. The silver lining – fewer SuperHuman mothers will die during childbirth.